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Generative writing workshops with Kim Stafford

These workshops are online and open to writers of all kinds.



The Practice of Writing

April 3-4

Pandemic, protest, fire, and politics—the daily news inflicts attrition because it is incomplete. It often gives hard facts without clear thought or consolation. A writing practice can ease this injury, providing ways to “talk back to all that darkness” by exploring questions in brief essays, mysteries in poems, alternate perspectives in blogs, and other scribbled ways to connect what we experience to what we say.

     This course is for writers interested in pushing their practice in multiple directions, and for teachers who want to engage the widest variety of student writers.

     We will utilize the online platform Zoom, with each of the two days designed as a series of conversations, writing prompts, solo writing time, then sharing and discussion.

hosted by Lewis & Clark College, Saturday-Sunday, April 3-4, 2021, 9am-5pm, $250


Book Launch: April 2021

Singer Come from Afar: Poems (Red Hen Press, 2021)

Details will be here: https://www.kimstaffordpoet.com/calendar

The first reading will be online via Village Books in Bellingham:


Revision by Poetry’s Periodic Table of Elements                                      

Friday, April 16

Title, first line, line-break, voiced cadence, word-field, the turn…the opportunity for special effects is abundantly present in the decisions a writer makes with each element. All are at work no matter how long or short the poem may be, or what kind of poem it is—haiku to lyric to epic. Bring the latest drafts of your three most promising poems-in-process, and we will work through ways to make them more like what they want to be. This will not be a critique session, but a workshop in generative revision.


Hosted by Hugo House via Zoom, Friday, April 16, 9am-4pm, max. 15 writers, $TBA

details TBA by March 9 here: https://hugohouse.org/classes/course-catalog/



Earth Verse: Writing for the Earth                                                            

Thursday, April 22 (Earth Day)

When trouble comes in the human world, there may be a little story from the wild that can offer consolation. From the Gnomic Verses in Old English, to the Tao te Ching, and the writings of Dorothy Wordsworth, Emily Dickinson, and Mary Oliver, we have cherished lyric remedies speaking the language of earth for human comfort. In this workshop, we will harvest close observations from your landscapes, and compose an archive of blessings, consolations, and manifestos for use as need comes. An online generative writing workshop to restore our earth with healing words.


Hugo House via Zoom, Thursday, April 22, 9am-4pm, max. 15 writers, $TBA

details TBA by March 9 here: https://hugohouse.org/classes/course-catalog/



Outpost Writing Retreat

Monday-Friday, June 21-26

A decision about whether this retreat happens on location in remote Wallowa County will be made by Fishtrap April 1.


Mother River, Hero Tree


Are there Earth words with personal resonance for you—Metolius…cedar…hummingbird? Are there places that are like rooms in your house of spirit—Minam Summit…Jefferson Park…Cascade Head? In letter, blessing, poem, prose fragment, or lyric spell, we will write about your Earth ancestry—your life lineage that comes from the natural world. What places, creatures, landscape features, silences, nights, and other primordial elements formed your character? What are the sources of your identity, sense of mystery, apprehension of spirit, and perennial wellbeing? 

A two-day workshop hosted by the Sitka Center, Summer, date TBA

Details will appear here: https://www.sitkacenter.org