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Prompts for writing poems...

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Prompt: Speak in the voice of a creature or 

feral element to invite humans to think in a new way…

Advice from a Raindrop


You think you’re too small

to make a difference? Tell me

about it. You think you’re

helpless, at the mercy of forces

beyond your control? Been there.


Think you’re doomed to disappear,

just one small voice among millions?

That’s no weakness, trust me. That’s

your wild card, your trick, your

implement. They won’t see you coming


until you’re there, in their faces, shining,

festive, expendable, eternal. Sure you’re

small, just one small part of a storm that

changes everything. That’s how you win, 

my friend, again and again and again.



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Prompts for writing prose...

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1. What is your earliest memory...?

2. When did you first encounter the natural world...?

3. How would you tell a child about your own                   childhood...?

4. What conversations happened at your childhood            dinner table...? What conversations never                    happened? What would you say now—speaking          into that silence?

5. What are some accomplishments in adult life that          you cherish? What were the earliest tributaries of        one of did they start...?


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